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Photography with Stacey Natal

Video Lessons

Lesson #1:Tools 


Lesson #2: Looking for Light





Lesson #3: Set Up






Lesson #4:Seamless Background



Lesson #5: Exposure Triangle



Lesson #6: Beyond Auto Mode



Lesson #7: Photo Shoot



Lesson #8: White On White With Your Phone




Lesson #9: Editing on Your Phone



Stacey Natal

Stacey Natal is a professional photographer from New York City, artist, educator and mentor to aspiring female creatives.  She photographs down to earth entrepreneurs to help them elevate and grow their businesses with branded visual content.  Her artistic photography work has been shown in several NYC galleries and a collection of her work is available in her online print shop. 

As a teaching artist, she loves to inspire people to be creative and to help them discover different ways to see the world through photography. 

Stacey lives with her husband and two daughters in NYC.

Instagram:  @staceynatal
facebook page:  @lifehappensnow   



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