You will get:

  • Workbook for each training
  • Private Facebook group
  • I will teach each bundle in a live setting over zoom
  • Q&A

In the course, I will be teaching:

Week 1 – Module 1 Event USP

  • In this, we will determine what type of event you want to put on and your unique selling point.
  • The style.
  • The price point.
  • We will be narrowing all this down so you know what customers you would like to target.

Week 2 – Module 2 Create your package document.

  • Building packages,
  • Work out your costs, i.e., travel, time, and wages.
  • We will also look into taking a deposit from your client.

Week 3 – Module 3 Press

  • We will look into getting Press coverage for your events and marketing so you can bring in customers and create awareness around your business.
  • This was an essential part of my strategy when I first started with these events.


Week 4 – Module 4 Event Prep

  • Closing the sale with clients/ getting bookings confirmed.
  • Event Preparation
  • Follow up.


Week 6 – Module 5 Event Companies

  • Working With event companies and wedding planners to bring in business.
  • I will explain how to do this, what to say, when to ring, etc.
  • Email template

Week 7– Module 6 JV Partnering with Hotels and Suppliers

  • We will look into Joint venturing with Hotels and suppliers.
  • How to approach hotels.
  • How to build a good relationship which benefits you and them.

Week 8 – Bonus Module