Once you have signed up, YOU WILL GET:

🌟 A qualification after 6 months – as long as you are up to a certain standard and complete all 6 months, this will be a Millinery and Business qualification awarded by Katherine Elizabeth Millinery.

🔅We will have a special VIP live session once a month, and in this, I will give you feedback on what you need to improve on and answer any questions.

🔅Also, in the VIP area, you will receive extra bonuses from time to time to make it extra special.

All in all, you will receive the qualification (after 6 months), have more access to me and extra bonuses.

🌟The fee for this should be £600, but as you are an early bird, I will charge you a discounted rate of £450.

🌟This is payable in one go or two instalments.

The cost of this is separate to your normal membership fee, and it’s to cover the qualification + my extra time.

I look forward to you joining us in the VIP Area.