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I just wanted to personally welcome you to the Millinery & Business Academy.

There is a lot to learn in the academy, we have about 40 bundles for you to dive into straight away as well as more every month, you will also find extra bonuses in the bonus section.

As soon as you can, please join our private Facebook Community as a lot of the actions happen there, you may have done this already but if not, please introduce yourself and ask any questions that are on your mind. You can find a Facebook tab on the website homepage or just look for the Millinery and Business Academy Group on Facebook.

In the Academy, we recently had an Abaca training bundle, an Instagram bundle, a leather bundle, a futuristic sculptural bundle and most recently a Sculptural spiral Ascot bundle so lots to learn and dive into.

I would suggest that the first bundle you look at is the headpiece bundle situated right at the bottom, this one teaches you the basics of wiring, edging, and blocking as well as design tips. I also go over what fabrics and blocks you will need to be able to make hats. It’s a nice little introduction, also don’t forget the checklist and worksheets as I list suppliers and discounts in those.

Have a look around, listen to the welcome video, go to the bundle’s section, and have a look at all the training.

Next to the Bundle graphic, you will see bonuses and Facebook, please click on Facebook to join the group.

Welcome to the Club!

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